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Simin Jewelry is a one of the leading manufacturer of LAB GROWN DIAMOND basically called CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), & LAB GROWN DIAMOND (CVD) jewelry Manufacturer based in INDIA & USA. With over 20 years of experience with mined diamonds, our team transitioned to lab grown in 2018 after seeing the amazing industry potential and ethical benefits of lab grown diamonds. We offer an elite range of high-quality Type 2a Diamonds that includes range from 0.3ct to 7ct plus size, clarity range from FL to I3, color range from D color to L color diamonds, with IGI certification in 1.00 ct plus diamonds.

Simin Jewelry is also specialized in jewelry industry, We offer an elite range of high-quality Gold and Diamond jewelry that includes super value diamond collection jewelry, exclusive rings, earrings, pendant sets, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and many more. Our stunning real gorgeous diamond jewelry can transform you from a simple lady to an attractive sophisticated diva. Our dazzling jewelry serves your professional as well as personal style needs in an adequately amorous manner. Our sheer commitment to quality, value and prompt client service has enabled us to retain 100% client satisfaction level within the LAB GROWN DIAMOND and fine jewelry community all over the globe.